Over the last couple of months, staff from 8 local businesses have been playing Rounders games at the Beverley Meadow as part of the East Kent Rounders League managed by Active Life. The games started on the 6th June with over 75 players participating each week. The league was very social, with teams often bringing a bottle to share and it successfully brought people from different organisations together, creating a great mix of inactive and semi active people. Although the competitive streak came out in a number of players, the league games were lighthearted and fun and a great way for people to get active without realising. The league leaders were crowned on Tuesday night with the Screw Balls narrowly beating Broad Oak BMW on Rounders difference with both teams having won all but one of their games. Due to the popularity of the league, we are looking at offering an indoor winter league in the new year.

If you are interested in participating in the Winter League, please register your interest by emailing Giles.Seaford@activelifeltd.co.uk

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