Renaissance the Gentle Gym opened in 2012 as the Renaissance Health & Wellbeing Centre. In 2013 Active Life and Insightful Lifestyle Solutions CIC formed a partnership with the aim of combining their skills to reach a wider audience who may require a ‘different sort’ of gym.

The name was changed to Renaissance the Gentle Gym and today the niche service continues to focus on providing a non-intimidating gym environment, machines that enable a gentle start to getting fit and in particular welcoming anyone with mobility challenges. The partnership has achieved their aim and Renaissance the Gentle Gym is now firmly established in Canterbury as a gym of choice for the over 50’s and anyone with mobility difficulties.

We are therefore bringing you up to speed with some changes to the partnership which will allow Renaissance the Gentle Gym to go from strength to strength. From 1 December 2017 the partnership between Active Life and Insightful Healthy Lifestyle Solutions CIC will be dissolved and in effect this means Helen Madzokere, the owner of Insightful Healthy Lifestyle Solutions CIC, will continue with the day-to-day running of the gym. Active Life will step away to re-focus on their Health Promotion programme which includes their exercise referral provision for the NHS. Recent changes within the NHS and Public Health commissioning has driven this decision; however, the changes also form part of the partnership’s original long-term plan. Active Life will continue to support Renaissance the Gentle Gym, through onward referrals and recommendations and also by enabling existing current members to retain their membership benefits until the end of 2018, when it can be reviewed and extended if logistically possible.

Renaissance the Gentle Gym is not closing and new members can continue to join. Arrangements are in place for setting up new Direct Debits and transferring existing Direct Debits to Insightful Lifestyle Solutions CIC in time for the 1st December 2017. Let all your friends know that Renaissance the Gentle Gym is not closing and will remain open for business throughout this transition period.

Renaissance the Gentle Gym partnership would like to take this opportunity to thank members, employees, supporters and anyone who has been involved in making the Gentle Gym a success and for placing us firmly on the health and fitness map in the Canterbury district.

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