Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or it’s your first time stepping foot in a gym we’re here to support and help wherever we can!

Check out our list of handy quick tips to help aid your fitness journey.

Quick tips for a better workout!

1. Comfort! Be sure that you have comfortable clothes to exercise in. Clothing intended for exercise isn’t just about appearance – but also about function! Particular fabrics are more breathable and help to keep your cool.

2. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Invest in your feet! It’s worth paying a little bit extra for shoes that support you and the journey you’re on. Shoes suited just to you also help avoid common injuries and provide support, cushioning and stability – this is super important if you’re looking to start running.

3. Don’t skip breakfast! Prepare your body from the start of the day by eating nutritional food regularly and staying hydrated.

4. Change things up! If you get used to your workout routine and are starting to lack motivation and feel uninspired, change things up! Try a new group exercise class, and take a look on YouTube and find some new workouts to try.

5. The talk test… If you can talk easily whilst you’re exercising, you could possible push yourself that little bit further (listen to your body). If you can talk in short sentences, you’re at a moderate pace.

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