Following the release of Government guidelines, we are pleased to be able to tell you that outdoor group exercise classes, swim sessions and indoor gym sessions are now available at Active Life centres. Indoor Group Exercise Classes will return from Monday 17th May.

Please note that currently the Beach Pool is closed at Kingsmead Leisure Centre. Inflatables are not included during Family sessions.

Under 4’s are currently the same rate as Junior for swimming sessions which is £4 per session. All members of a group attending must book a place.

When will my membership payments restart?

1st Month Direct Debit

If your direct debit usually comes out on the first of the month, you will be charged on the 1st April ahead of us reopening our indoor facilities on 12th April. This will be a discounted rate as it will not include access to our indoor facilities before 12th April. The amount you are debited will also reflect any credit you are owed from previous closures.

15th Month Direct Debit

If your direct debit usually comes out on the 15th month you will be charged as normal from 15th April. The amount you are debited will reflect any credit you are owed from previous closures.

I paid for my membership upfront (annual or season ticket), will it be extended?

All memberships and season tickets will be extended by the amount of time lost due to the Centre being closed. All annual or season ticket memberships will be active again once the Centre re-opens. Your membership will resume from 12th April. Unless you opt in to the 29th March for centres providing outdoor activity.

What are my options if I don’t wish to use my Centre/Pool once it re-opens?

You can request to Freeze via the contact us section on our website.

Will there be restrictions on the opening times of my Centre?

For opening times of your centre please visit the centre website.

Will there be booking restrictions?

Members can book one activity per day whilst we have social distancing measures in place.

Why are you charging ‘no show’ and cancellation fees for booked activities from 1st June 2021:

This is to ensure that we are promoting a ‘fair use’ policy. This will allow us to manage the bookings more effectively and encourage members to cancel a booking if they cannot attend in enough time to give other customers the opportunity to attend.

When will I be able to make a booking (for both members and hirers)?

Members can book via our website or mobile app from 25th March.  For hires bookings can be made via the centre teams.

How do I cancel a booking?

All cancellations must be made via our website or by contacting the centre directly.

What happens if I have already paid upfront for a booking?

Any pre-paid bookings have been credited to your account automatically as a cashless balance. There is no need to contact us.  We will do this for you.

When is Swim Academy restarting? How will I know if my child has a place in a lesson?

Lessons will resume on or shortly after the centres reopen. We will be in touch to confirm exact dates and confirm your lesson time in the coming weeks

How do I access Fusion on Demand? 

All members and registered Active Life users can access Fusion on Demand.

Your log in details are the same as those you use when making an online booking at your centre.

To reset your password click here.

To log in click here.

Fusion on Demand is not yet available to the wider public.

For further assistance please firstly read our how to guide here, if we have not answered your query please contact info@fusion-lifestyle.com

What access do I have on Fusion on Demand as a member?

we have included the ‘fusion membership – normally £5.96/month’ for all members to use for FREE. This includes 1 x live session per 7 days, 15 x TV Fit on demand classes, 10 x Fusion on demand classes, and 5 x Les mills on demand classes. For unlimited access you can upgrade by following the prompts for only £4/month.

I am not receiving any of Active Life emails. What do I need to do?

Firstly, please check your junk email. If it is not in there, please contact info@fusion-lifestyle.com stating that you would like to ‘opt in’ to receive emails from us. Please also follow your local centre’s social media pages for updates.

How do I cancel my membership?

Sorry to hear that you’re looking to leave. Do you know we have applied an automatic free freeze to ALL memberships? If you still wish to cancel you can do so by completing the ‘give notice of membership cancellation’ form found on the ‘contact us’ page of our main website https://activelifeltd.co.uk/contact/

My query has not been answered in the above, who do I contact?

Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website to leave an enquiry. Please select whether it is a Centre specific or general enquiry and one of our team members will respond as quick as we can.

What measures have been taken to ensure it is safe to return?

Please see below for the complete procedure for our customers to follow when visiting our Centre/Pool.

How do I access the centre?

Before you arrive: 

1. All sessions must be pre-booked and paid for online or via the Active Life app. This applies to members and pay-as-you-go customers, to ensure we have no more than the permitted number of users and you have plenty of personal space. This also complies with the Government’s track and trace requirements.

2. When booking select your chosen class or session time.

3. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your class as you will not be allowed access. If you arrive late, you will be refused entry.

4. The water fountains will be out of use until further notice, please bring your own filled drinks bottle.

On arrival: 

Important – Please only start to queue at the centre at the start of your allocated 10-minute entry window. Before this time, please wait away from the entrance and ensure social distancing is adhered to.

1. Face coverings are mandatory for all staff and customers in communal areas, please ensure you are wearing these on arrival and if you enter the building including to access the toilets. They can be removed while exercising.

2. You don’t need to be anxious about whether you will be admitted. Your pre-booked session or class is guaranteed if you are on time.

3. Please wait to be called to reception by a team member and maintain social distancing at all times, the safety of our staff and customers is paramount.

4. Have your membership card ready, this will be required on every visit. If you don’t have one, this will be given to you on your first visit.

5. On arrival, please use the hand sanitiser provided.

6. When you are called through to reception, simply swipe you card at the turnstile to gain admission.

7. Follow the directional signage, please maintain a safe social distance at all times. There will be a one-way system in place, so please follow the arrows as directed.

8. Staff will be on-hand to assist at all times.

Lane Swimming: 

1. We will be utilising ‘double’ lanes so there is plenty of space to swim at a safe distance from other users

2. Use the lane (slow, medium, fast) most appropriate for your ability, based on users already in the pool.

3. Use the steps to enter the pool, ensuring social distancing.

4. Swim responsibly, maintaining social distancing at all times, follow the correct directions (clockwise within your roped section). Do not overtake.

5. If you need to rest at the end of the pool, move to the side of the lane to allow other swimmers to pass.

6. Avoid overtaking while swimming. Consider changing lanes during the session if this is not an appropriate lane.

Family Swimming

1. We have reduced our capacity to give you plenty of space to enjoy your swim. Please ensure that you have booked a place for every individual attending. While you can swim without social distancing within your family/ household, you will need to respect other pool users and families and ensure social distancing is maintained from other groups. Please note that no inflatables or slides will be accessible.

2. Our Swimming Pool Admission policy applies; all children under 4 years must be supervised by an adult (aged 16+) on a 1 to 1 basis. Those under 4 years will be the same cost as a Junior admission, which is £4. Children aged 4-7 years must be supervised by one adult to a maximum of 2 children. If this minimum supervision is not adhered to, we will not be able to allow entry to the session.



How long is the Gym session?

When you book, you will select an available time slot to attend your gym session. You have from the start time of that session up to 9 minutes post start time to enter the centre. If later than 9 minutes post the start time, you will not be allowed to enter.

Once you have entered the centre, you then have 60 minutes to use the gym. So, for example if your gym session starts at 10:00 you can enter the gym from between 10:00 and 10:09 and your session will end at 11:00.

Please exit the gym at the end of your allocated time as there will be others waiting to enter at their allocated slot. This is to ensure we are always at or below our gym floor capacity at any one time to ensure we are adhering to government guidelines.

What should I bring with me? 

The water fountains are out of use so bring a large bottle of water with you. Please do not bring a towel for your workout. Blue roll will be provided and please place blue roll in the bins provided once used. Do not leave around the gym floor.

What do I do when I arrive for my gym session?

When you arrive, please wait away from the building until the start of your session. This will help us to avoid queues and allow us to check-in gym users as quickly as possible. At the start of you of your 9-minute entry window as outlined in question 1, please enter the queue and the team will direct you from there.

Once at the reception desk, please use the hand sanitiser provided before accessing the facility.

Please keep use of any machine to a maximum 10 minutes, and please always keep to social distancing guidelines.

I am a member; how do I access the sessions?

All Gym users, whether members or non-members, will need to use the turnstiles and their Fusion card to access the gym. If you don’t have a card or have lost your card the team will be able to provide you with one when you come for your Gym Session. Your Gym session should be booked in advance on the booking app. If you haven’t booked a designated timeslot you will not be permitted entry. If you are more than 9 minutes after the start of your gym booking you will not be permitted entry

Can I use the changing rooms, lockers and toilets?

Changing rooms and lockers are currently out of use and we ask that gym/ studio users arrive pre-changed, using the designated areas for towels and bags. There will be an accessible toilet which will be cleaned regularly.

What is the cleaning process in the gym?

We ask that all members adhere to social distancing guidelines and our capacities and gym layouts are designed to ensure these can be followed. We also ask that you wipe kit down before and after use. There will also be a hand sanitising station so please ensure you use this before and after your gym session.

We will have a member of staff on duty on the gym floor cleaning and sanitising kit during our opening hours also. And we will also have kit cleaned in between session start and end times.

Can I train with a friend/buddy?

There are no “buddy” sessions to take place – we cannot prove that you live in the same house, so we ask you train alone

Group Exercise Classes

Why is there a reduced class timetable?

We have designed the timetable to be safe for our staff and customers.  With limited capacities we have designed tables that we believe will suit everyone.

How are we keeping our members safe?

We’ll be carefully managing the capacity of our classes and are asking members to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app.

We’re setting up our studios to ensure that all equipment is spaced at least 2 metres apart, with social distancing markings in place to help members keep apart.

Where we can, we’re will also be using larger parts of our centres, such as sports halls, tennis courts and outdoor areas to give customers more space during classes.

We will be cleaning all equipment and accessories after each session to ensure everyone is safe.  You can also bring your own cleaning wipes if you wish.

Outdoor  Group exercise classes

1. You will have an allocated space in our outdoor  exercise class which is set up to ensure each member training will be able to maintain social distancing guidelines

2. You will need to sign in with a staff member at the centre so they can check you in and show you to your designated area.

3. Please ensure you arrive within the booking window time and leave once your session time is completed.

4. There will be a staff member in the outdoor gym area at all times.

5. We do ask that you use the hand sanitiser before and after using the outdoor gym and that you spray all the equipment using the sanitiser spray and tissue provided before and after your session. Please leave the gym station as you found it and place any additional small equipment items back in its designated area.


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