Today we are focusing on the waiting list function. We will cover how to make the most of it, how it works and why it’s important to use it.

A big thank you to our member, Sara for highlighting the need for this week’s tutorial!

Top Tip 1: Ensure your email is correct and up to date. Please check your details on your membership are correct and up to date otherwise you will not receive any communication from our automated system. 

Top Tip 2: If a class you wish to attend is fully booked, you should always book yourself onto the waiting list. Why? Well, being on the waiting list enables our system to contact you when a space becomes available in that class.

Top Tip 3: Priority is given to those on the waiting lists. If a class shows spaces are available but people are on the waiting list, no one new can book onto the class. Those on the waiting list get priority on booking the spaces. In this situation, adding yourself to the waiting list is the best course of action as it gives you the same priority.  Within 60 minutes of a space becoming available, an email is sent to everyone on the waiting list with a link to book the space. The first person to respond and accept the booking will move from the waiting list into the class. You will have the same chance as the rest of the waiting list to get an available space as bookings are on a first come, first served basis. 

Top Tip 4: Book your space to help us improve our service. If a class you want to attend is full, always book on to the waiting list. This is really useful for us as it highlights which classes are very popular and where there may be a greater demand for extra classes or timetable changes.

Top Tip 5: Last minute class checks. As with all things in life, sometimes things happen at the very last minute. If you are not on the waiting list (but of course, you would be…) we advise you to always check bookings in the 6 hours before the class is due to start, especially in the final 2 hours as that is when late cancellations happen and spaces sometimes become available.

So, to sum it all up… if a class is full:
– Book on to the waiting list.
– A space becomes available.
– An email is sent to all members on the waiting list for that class every 60 minutes with a link to book the space.
– The first member who responds to the email will be able to book the slot.

Please note:
Spaces that become available for those on the waiting list are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
No email will be sent to inform members that the available space has been taken by someone else.

Any problems? Get in touch! We hope that these tutorials are proving helpful. If you are having a specific issue with the app, please email us and let us know so that we can address the issue and help others have a better experience too!

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